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build me a castle in the sky

Fanci C.
Welcome to Capricious. A blog owned by this crazy kid known as Fanci Charmen. This blog is infrequently updated, and very random.

About Fanci
Fanci Charmen, often refers to herself as The Cookie Eater, and is one of them obsessive fangirls. And she likes it that way. She is indecisive, thick-witted and not very realistic. She lives in a soup pot and has friends from other planets. Following is an overview of her likes and dislikes.
caramelldansen, love and life, fun, innocence, happiness, arashi, cool web designs, people who cheer me up, people who make me laugh, people who make me smile, drawing hair, bangs, pink, green, clementines, orange, cate tiernan, kingdom hearts, cloud, cuteness, vanilla, witty remarks, If You Could See Me Now, syaoran, roxas plushie, teddy bears, semi-long haired people who play the guitar, coconut scent, cuteness, roses, receiving genuine compliments, singing, dancing, sleeping when it's raining, the smell of rain, tea, watermelon, ms hiltz
tragedies, Twilight-crazed conversations, people who confuse me, bugs, violence, gross humour, horror movies, cigarettes, the smell of smoke, the smell of paint, exams, essays, forgetting what you wanted to say, when a word just slips your mind, forgetting your phone number, being ignored, wasting time, being sick, eating too much candy, dark chocolate, worrying too much, thinking too hard, being indecisive, being a procrastinator, whole wheat

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